Land Through Time

Some want to know – Isn’t it a great deal to swap 667 acres for only 240 acres?  Well, how about if we put it this way.

The 240 acre Econ River Wilderness Area is in prime conservation condition, part of the Natural Lands Program and a biodiversity hotspot in the Wildlife Corridor.  It was bought by taxation of the citizens of Seminole County many years ago, for preservation, and is owned by Seminole County to conserve. It is a shining example of Florida natural lands and is visited by over 49,000 people a year, including students from UCF, Seminole State College, Valencia College, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, residents, bicyclists, from Seminole County, Orange County and even international visitors.

The 667 acre property has been degraded and stripped of all natural value and is owned by a private landowner.  These two properties could not be more different.  See the photos below and make your own decision.

2004 view of Econ River Wilderness area on the left, and proposed River Cross land (667 acres) on the right. They look fairly similar in this image.


Above – 2006 View. You can see the difference now. Econ River Wilderness area on the left.

2009 – the River Cross acreage is now barren.