STOP IT NOW Petition


On Tuesday, April 28, Seminole County Commissioners will VOTE (behind CLOSED DOORS) on whether to continue WITH the destruction of the Econ River Wilderness Area (the SWAP) or whether to pull out of it entirely.

They need to continue to HEAR FROM US, as much as possible, THIS WEEK.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Can you spare 2 minutes right now?

We know you have already signed petitions, written letters & called commissioners.  THANK YOU!

NOTE:  Due to OVERWHELMING response, some people report that this petition won’t load or they are having issues with it.  If that’s the case, then, we apologize –  please go to this one and sign it instead:

Now, we ask you to please do one (or more) of those things again – this week.  Anything you can do will be very helpful.


THEN, please email each commissioner (all together) in your own words.  Here are their email addresses (and the emails of their assistants).

Copy and paste addresses into your email program:;;;;;;;;;

If you have time, please call them & URGE them to STOP the SWAP.  Thank you so much!